Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) means direct, genuine factory parts.  Malibu Export has trucks picking up parts from all 3 American manufacturers every day!  If you have an accident or smash up with your car or truck, and need genuine factory fenders, suspension, lights, and bumpers….Malibu Export Services can ship these parts quickly and cheaply.  Don’t wait 1 month for shipments....we can ship the genuine OEM Ford, GM, or Chrysler parts in 1 day!  All parts are expertly packaged to arrive in your country in perfect condition and as fast as possible.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

•Factory direct original parts
Ford, GM, Chrysler
•Our trucks pick up every day
•Fenders, bumpers, lights, suspensions
•Crate motors
•Packaged expertly and compactly for export


Malibu Export Services

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